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Forward Control runs

The Forward Control runs are runs without ESM thermal forcing anomalies. There are four kinds of files for each set of experiment, resolution, melt_parameterization, and melt_calibration:

1. A config file, “ismip6.config”
2. A history file containing one time slice corresponding to year 2500 and named “” (or similarly at other resolutions)
3. A restart file, containing one time slice corresponding to the last saved time slice (could vary) and named “”
4. A time series file containing scalar output with a frequency of 1 year spanning the entire experiment, named “”

Each file has a prefix string indicating the experiment, resolution, melt_parameterization, and melt_calibration. See the README file in the parent dataset for information on these values. These can be used to filter the file list under Download Options to the subset of interest.
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