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The NCAR Climate Data Gateway provides a range of services enabling scientific data discovery, access and use. This website supports community access to data products from many of NCAR's community modeling efforts, including the IPCC, PCM, AMPS, CESM, NARCCAP, and NMME activities.

Most data products are generally open and available. However, downloading some of them may require a login and/or membership to a group.


Downloading data may require registration. To register, click on the Sign In menu at the top of the page, and then click Register and follow the listed steps.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirming the creation of your account and your OpenId. You are strongly urged to record your OpenId when you receive it.

Please be aware that your "spam" filter may intercept these messages.


Downloading data may require membership in an appropriate group. If membership is required to download the data, you will be automatically presented a group membership questionnaire.

Certain membership requests may take time to process and you will be contacted by email regarding their status.

Please be aware that your "spam" filter may intercept these emails.

Sign In

You are assigned an OpenId when you register. This OpenId is your identity and it allows you access to the services in Climate Data Gateway. Therefore, it is important that you use ONLY one OpenId to sign in to the Gateway.

Enter your OpenId when you see an OpenId login box. If you can't remember your OpenId, you can click on the link next to Forgot your OpenId. If you remember your OpenId, enter that and click on the Sign In button. Next enter your password and click on the Sign In button.

Data Download

Data may be accessed by direct link for individual files or a Wget/Curl script for multiple files.

When you have selected a dataset, click the Download Options button to go to the Download Files page. On the Download Files page, you can download individual files by clicking on the link for those files. An individual file download will begin immediately.

If you want to create a download script for a specific set of files, you can select each individual file by clicking the checkboxes in the left-most column of the table. For downloading all files, you can select all files by checking the small checkbox at the top-left end of the table. The file listing can also be filtered with the Filter by File Name tool on the left side of the page. After selecting all the files you want to download, click on the Download Options for Selection button, located at the top of the file list table, to go to the next page.

On the Download Selected Files page, you will see the number of selected files and the total volume of the data you have requested. You will also be given the option of downloading an executable Wget script or an executable Curl script. Once you download these scripts, you can execute them on your machine to download the files.

Downloads via these scripts are resumable. Therefore, if you lose your connection to the internet during download, you can simply re-run the script and it will resume downloading the remaining files. The script checks the integrity of downloaded files by comparing MD5 checksums.

Wget Script

Wget is a command line tool available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It lets you download multiple files selected in the Download Files page.

Wget Help

Linux/Unix users are recommended to use Wget scripts.

Curl Script

Curl is another command line tool available for Mac, Linux and Windows. It lets you download multiple files selected in the Download Files page.

Curl Help

Mac users are recommended to use Curl scripts.

Further Information

Questions, comments, or concerns may be emailed to: